See the Future Now With 4Front: Register for Our 2021 Event

CableLabs Admin

Jul 16, 2020

Mark your calendars now because 4Front 2021 is coming next June! Thanks to work behind the scenes, the event’s visionary lineup is coming into even stronger focus. A unique cross-industry event that will bring together leaders and innovators from around the world to exchange ideas and explore how technology will shape the future, the inaugural 4Front conference was scheduled June 23-24 in Aurora, Colorado. However, because of health safety concerns stemming from the COVID-19 pandemic, CableLabs decided to postpone the event until June 15-16, 2021.

The 4Front 2021 event has already gained two notable recommitments among thought leaders, including artificial intelligence pioneer Rana el Kaliouby, founder and CEO of MIT-spinoff Affective. Under el Kaliouby’s guidance, Affectiva has developed a technology that analyzes faces for emotional nuances. The technology is being used in a wide range of content testing, video recruitment and mental health applications.

Also joining 4Front 2021 is Shoshana Zuboff, a noted author and futurist who predicted in the 1980s that computers would revolutionize the workplace. In her latest book, The Age of Surveillance Capitalism: The Fight for a Human Future at the New Frontier of Power, she proposes that technology users are raw materials for manufacturing and sales systems, as part of a new surveillance economic order.

Meanwhile, 4Front’s futuristic conversation continues in the present, through a series of podcasts available on Spotify, Google Podcasts and Apple Podcasts starting July 28.

The podcasts will feature 4Front visionaries who will reveal how they envision technology’s role in building a better, safer and more connected future. Imagine holographic displays that drive workplace productivity and literally bring a new dimension to education in the classroom. Or immersive virtual reality games the whole family can play. Or new video applications that will allow patients to see specialists a thousand miles away.

The first trio of podcasts will explore the future of education and the workplace.

  • Education innovation expert Ai Addyson-Zhang will discuss her passion for incorporating social media and creative technologies to drive student remote learning.
  • Mike Hess, founder and executive director of the Blind Institute of Technology, will talk about his mission to bring blind and visually impaired IT and tech professionals into the workforce.
  • Spark Mindset CEO and Founder, Lawrence Wagner, will discuss what he sees in the workplace now, and what could change in the future.

More podcasts exploring entertainment and healthcare innovations will follow in the coming weeks so make sure to tune in and stay in the forefront of innovative thinking so that you're prepared for the 4Front conference next June.



Gearing Up for 4Front 2020: What Does It Take to Build the Future?

CableLabs Admin

Feb 26, 2020

We’re only 4 months away from launching 4Front, and it’s shaping up to be one of the most innovative and meaningful events of the year! The agenda already includes an amazing lineup of speakers, workshops, demos, interactive experiences and members-only sessions that will not only help inform you about the future but also create opportunities where you can participate in building it. Be sure to mark your calendar for the big event: June 23–24, 2020. Seats are limited for select sessions, so register today!

Below are just some of the things you can expect from 4Front:

Meet and Collaborate with Our Amazing Speakers

What really sets 4Front apart is the diversity of expertise that we’re bringing to the event. We’ve got world-famous educators, authors, founders, product managers, futurists, psychologists, technologists, behavioral scientists, engineers, journalists, AI experts, molecular biologists, gerontologists and even biohackers—all coming to 4Front to share their expertise, both from the big stage and in more intimate workshop settings.

You’ll meet such visionaries as:

  • Shoshana Zuboff, author of three books, each of which has signaled the start of a new epoch in technology. Her works predicted the rise of modern computers and their impact on the way we work, as well as digitally mediated products and services that overhauled entire industries, like Uber and iPod. Her latest book reveals a future in which technology brings about an entirely new economic order that she calls surveillance economy.
  • Rana el Kaliouby, cofounder and CEO of Affectiva, an MIT spinoff that uses award-winning Emotion AI technology to build the next generation of interfaces that can interact with and truly understand humans. Her technology is already used by 25 percent of Fortune Global 500 companies to test content, as well as other industries, including automotive, HR video recruitment and mental health.
  • Dr. Nathan Lang-Raad, professional learning facilitator and Chief Education Officer at WeVideo, who has authored several books about innovative teaching practices that can help make the next generation of students truly future-ready. His work has also been featured on EdTech K-12, Corwin Connect, Education Week, K-12 Blueprint and the Solution Tree Blog.
  • Jon Karafin, CEO of Light Field Lab, who has dedicated his career to innovation in live-action cinema, VFX post-production and next-generation holographic technology. His work at Light Field Lab includes the development of real holograms with no headgear and is considered to be the new frontier in product display space.

Learn Innovative Techniques that Will Help Solve Real Problems and Improve Decision-Making

The same experts and visionaries that you’ll hear from onstage will join you for a series of interactive workshops designed to complement the four main conference experience tracks: Live, Work, Learn and Play. In these workshops, you will learn how to:

  • Overcome organizational barriers to innovation
  • Recognize disruptive new business concepts
  • Design better, more humanist products
  • Generate more creative ideas
  • And much more!

Our experienced facilitators will not only teach you these highly valuable skills but will also show you how you can implement them in your day-to-day life and business. These workshops are included in the general admission, but seats are extremely limited. Make sure to reserve your spot after registering. You can learn more about 4Front workshops here.

Show Off Your Hard Work by Becoming a 4Front Exhibitor

At 4Front, we’re aiming to ignite a global effort to build a better, safer and more connected future through cross-industry collaboration. By becoming a 4Front exhibitor, you can show off your ideas for the future and collaborate with experts from various industries whom you wouldn’t otherwise meet. These encounters could help identify common problems and jumpstart new ventures that lead to innovative solutions.

If you’d like to share your vision of the future, make sure to reserve your exhibitor table at 4Front today! Table space is limited.

Together, we can determine how we will live, work, learn and play in the next decade and beyond. Don’t wait for the future—start building it at 4Front. Hope to see you there!



Clocking In: 4Front 2020 Tackles the Future of Work

Jeff Metzger
Director of Live Brand Experience

Oct 3, 2019

What will a typical workplace look like five, ten or even twenty years from now? Who will work there and what technologies will they use? These and other questions related to the future of work will form one of the major themes of our inaugural 4Front conference, scheduled for June 23-24, 2020, in Denver, Colorado.

Unlike some of the other conferences you may’ve attended, this event is not industry specific. It’s an inclusive idea launching pad where decision makers from all kinds of related ecosystems, including networking, government, infotech, education, healthcare and many others, can get together to address the technical needs of the future workforce and begin planning for the socioeconomic impacts of the upcoming changes.

What We'll Talk About

To be clear, our goal is to do more than just talk about the change that we already see happening. We are more interested in the next steps. Where do we want that change to lead us and how can we position our own businesses on the right path to getting there? In other words, how can we build the right technology for the right people? 

In order to do that, we need to take a look at a few things, mainly:

  • What kinds of jobs will be available in the future?

If you have a child who’s entering preschool, there’s a good chance his or her future job role hasn’t even been invented yet (think along the lines of a Memory Curator or an AI Ethics Officer). In fact, according to Accenture, 79% of executives agree that the future of work will be based more on specific projects than roles. Employers are already looking for people who are willing and able to wear “different hats” and think creatively even if the task at hand doesn’t match their official training. This trend will continue in the future, where skills like critical and creative thinking will be valued the most. The technologies we create have to support this new, agile way of working, allowing people to be more adaptable, efficient and creative no matter where or when they do it. This will inevitably lead to greater job satisfaction and a well-balanced, stress-free environment for the next generation of workers.

  • How will people work together?

The future of work is all about flexibility. And not just in terms of schedule, but also where and how you work. Telecommuting is already becoming the new norm, but future technology, like holograms and VR, can take it to the next level, allowing people to log into virtual “rooms” where they can interact with their teammates as if they are in the same location. Seamless and instant connectivity, to both people and information, will be instrumental to the success of individual workers and their companies. And we need to help them get there.

  • How will technology augment human jobs?

The topic of automation has been causing a lot of anxiety lately, especially among workers whose jobs are undergoing a transitional period. Are robots really taking over the workforce? Will there be enough work for us, humans, in the future? In short, yes. Fortunately, the human mind is far more skilled in any area that relies on creativity and emotional intelligence than machines and while some manual jobs might disappear, a great number of new, creative and highly-satisfying careers will take their place. It is up to us—technologists, lawmakers, entrepreneurs, futurists and creative visionaries—to architect a seamless transition to a future we can all be proud of.

Why You Should Attend

As already mentioned, we are planning to make 4Front an inclusive event that gathers representatives from a variety of technical and non-technical fields. And if your personal and company goals match any of the below, we would love for you to join us.

  • Speakers: You’re a thought leader looking for a platform to communicate your vision of the future to an eager audience.
  • Founders/entrepreneurs: You are a decision maker looking to find inspiration in people outside your industry or ecosystem and discover new market opportunities.
  • Technologists: Your innovative spirit is guided by the desire to build a better future and you’re looking to make your products fit the needs of your target audiences. Both CableLabs members and non-members are invited.
  • Policy makers: You are an expert in designing policies that navigate the socioeconomic impacts of innovation and you want to better understand the needs of entrepreneurs and end users.
  • Influencers: You want to expand your network and cement your reputation as an industry trailblazer.

Why You Should Sponsor the Work Track

One of the best ways to drive the strategy of the future is by sponsoring the entire “work” track. It is a one-of-a-kind opportunity to widen your sphere of influence, showcase your innovations, attract new business opportunities and lead discussions on the topics that matter the most to your business.

As a 4Front sponsor, you will be able to:

  • Contribute content to the main stage and introduce keynote speakers.
  • Design an immersive experience that showcases your thought leadership.
  • Drive the conversation with other decision makers by hosting your own panel.
  • Gain attention of the brightest minds in the industry, including CEOs, founders and other entrepreneurs like yourself.
  • Get invaluable media exposure, put yourself at the forefront of your industry and much more!

To discuss potential sponsorship opportunities and agenda ideas, please contact Jeff Metzger, CableLabs Director of Live Brand Experience, at

You can learn more about our vision of the future of work in our recent Near Future video. You can read more about 4Front and register below. See you there!



  4Front 2020: Introducing a New Cross-industry Event for Leaders Building the Future

CableLabs Admin

Aug 6, 2019

At CableLabs, we think about the future every day. Our Near Future series offers a glimpse of how people might live, work, learn and play 3 to 8 years from now, but it doesn’t address how we’ll get there. The development of the 10G cable network that will power the innovations depicted in these films is already well underway; however, a network alone isn’t enough.

Building the future will require a whole new level of cross-industry collaboration and input from the brightest minds in healthcare, gaming, automotive, education, consumer tech, sustainability, financial technology, AI, security and other fields that will develop consumer products and applications for the new era. This is why we need 4Front.

What Is 4Front?

4Front is a 2-day conference that will take place June 23-24, 2020, at the Gaylord Rockies Resort & Convention Center in Denver, Colorado. We invite all industries and ecosystems to join us and answer the question: What kind of future do we want to build?

Tackling that question might result in a wide array of answers, but we know there will also be unique, industry-specific challenges that we won’t know about until we get everyone in the same room. And that’s the type of information we need to be able to move forward. Less about execution or any one type of technology, 4Front is devoted to expanding the human connection, aligning visions and discovering how to build a better tomorrow for all mankind—together.

This event will be structured around four separate tracks: live, work, learn and play. Each track is designed to explore the technological dependencies and accelerate progress in that particular area. For example, a “Live” track may focus heavily on healthcare, biotech and automotive industries, whereas a “Play” track will delve into gaming, fitness and entertainment. Attendees will be able to showcase their thought leadership, share their vision and exchange ideas about how to move forward. Inspirational talks and discussions in both free-form and facilitated formats have the potential to create new partnerships, launch new market ventures or look at today’s problems with a “vuja de” mentality to discover opportunity.

Why You Should Attend

  • Meet all the right people: We’re bringing together more than 1,500 visionaries and innovators who hold the power to make decisions on behalf of their companies. You will be among senior executives, founders and entrepreneurs who understand the unique challenges of their field and are willing to share the goals and requirements for what they want to accomplish.
  • Identify new opportunities: Because 4Front brings together top decision makers who probably wouldn’t otherwise meet, the connections you make here will help you identify interdependencies across various industries, gain a deeper understanding of your company’s role within the global ecosystem and potentially forge new synergistic business partnerships that can contribute to your ROI and ultimately result in a better experience for everyone.
  • Find real solutions to real problems, faster: Innovation doesn’t happen in a vacuum. If you’re trying to solve a problem of the future, chances are someone from another industry might be looking at it from a different angle or working on a new technology that can potentially accelerate your progress. 4Front gives you an opportunity to have conversations with people who are as eager to move forward as you are. And though we can’t guarantee that you’ll find solutions to all your problems in 2 days, we can create an environment that’s conducive to the type of innovative ideas that can lead to a breakthrough down the road.

 Why Is CableLabs Launching 4Front Now?

 The world is on the brink of the so-called fifth industrial revolution, where humans and technology will intersect in ways we never thought possible. Even if you don’t buy into the hype, one fact is undeniable: The pace of innovation is accelerating at a staggering rate. Entire industries are being disrupted with predictable regularity, and inventions that would have once taken decades to saturate the market are becoming global sensations in months, or even days, thanks to our ubiquitous digital devices.

The effects of technology on markets and labor are astonishing. The World Economic Forum estimates that 65 percent of children now entering elementary school will hold jobs that don’t exist today. McKinsey determined that over 50 percent of current work activities are automatable. There are hundreds of other statistics pointing to the same thing: Our world is about to change.

AI, VR, light field panels, holodecks and other emerging broadband-based technologies are tools that can be used across many different industries to create better connected experiences for everyone. By bringing all the relevant players to the table now, we can maximize the potential of all these emerging innovations and chart a course for the future we want to build.

There are two ways to handle a wave of change: Let it wash over you or steer it where you want it to go. Choose the latter! Join us at 4Front 2020.