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Shared Services

Shared Services provides secure industry-wide data and information services to help cable companies prosper. Shared Services addresses the inherent inefficiencies of exchanging information between multiple cable companies and multiple business partners. Working with cable company experts, Shared Services develops standard interfaces and provides platforms to enable information exchange.



Our Services

Our platforms demonstrate that providing shared information services for the cable industry creates significant value in three key areas, described below:

Interface Specifications

  • Eliminate point to point integration that is costly & difficult to maintain
  • Accelerate business and IT alignment, while supporting individual MSO business agreements and policies

Platforms and Applications

  • Enable 3rd party indirect channel sales via a national footprint
  • Provide integration support for industry specification implementations (onboarding, testing)
  • Provide cost reductions by consolidating common functions over a shared infrastructure
  • Provide 24×7 support of hosted platforms and applications
  • Provide a single industry technical roadmap with development priorities

Industry Insight

  • Improves customer experience from trending and best practice identification


Go2Broadband (G2B) is the cable industry’s automated national platform for service location, lead generation, automated orders and activity reporting. G2B provides the ability to locate, quote, order, and schedule installation for video, phone, high-speed internet, and other services at a national level by interacting with multiple MSO back-office systems in real-time. The major MSOs (representing 94% of the national footprint) and more than 2,900 participating affiliates currently participate in the G2B program.

The G2B process:

  • A customer at an affiliate site (retail kiosk or website) submits a query to G2B, requesting the availability of cable services for a specific address.
  • G2B contacts the participating MSO, who responds with information on its service offerings to the customer or affiliate.
  • After the customer views the cable service offerings, additional dynamic messages are used to enable the order to be placed directly with the MSO for activation and possibly appointment scheduling.

One of the key advantages of G2B is that the same message set and structure will work with all MSOs participating in G2B.

How to Participate:

  • To Become an Affiliate
    Firms who have an interest in joining the Go2Broadband project to sell cable services should contact us by sending an e-mail to Please include your name, company name, phone, e-mail address and a list of the cable operators with whom you are working.
  • To Become a Participating Cable Operator
    Interested Cable Operators should contact us by sending an e-mail to or by calling 303.661.9100.

The Business Services Locator leverages various components of the G2B platform to allow MSOs or other service providers to obtain cable service information for business addresses. The tool facilitates single address lookup or multiple lookup across MSOs providing a fast and easy way to explore industry serviceability for national business accounts.

How to Participate:

Interested parties should contact us by sending an e-mail to (subject line in e-mail should state your interest in participating in Business Services Locator) or by calling 303.661.9100.

Wireless Service Locator (WSL) is the cable industry’s platform for sharing Wi-Fi hotspot location information. WSL users include all MSOs participating in the CableWiFi roaming initiative, as well as other MSOs and affiliated service providers. CableLabs operates WSL as a service to our member companies to ensure accuracy of data and simplify the process of hotspot data exchange.

The WSL process:

  • Participating MSOs load their Wi-Fi hotspot location information in WSL and define rules regarding roaming partner data access.
  • MSOs, MSO roaming partners and service providers (such as mapping providers and hotspot locator application developers) retrieve consolidated hotspot location information from WSL according to the originating MSO sharing rules. Alerts and notifications can be defined to determine when partner data updates are available for retrieval.
  • Consolidated hotspot location information is used by MSOs and their partners to update customer-facing maps and hotspot finder applications.
  • WSL enables MSOs to exchange data using either a CableLabs specified data format or the WRIX-L specification defined by the Wireless Broadband Alliance.

How to Participate:

Interested parties should contact us by sending an e-mail to (subject line in e-mail should state interest in participating in Wireless Service Locator) or by calling 303.661.9100.