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  Meet UpRamp Executive Director and CableLabs VP of Ventures and Outreach Scott Brown

Jul 19, 2018

Scott Brown is the Executive Director of UpRamp, backed by CableLabs. He is the driving force behind UpRamp’s mission to connect radical entrepreneurs to the most powerful network in the world.

UpRamp was established in 2016 as a platform to connect cutting-edge, agile startups with the connectivity industry with programs designed for every stage in the entrepreneurial life cycle - from idea to IPO. CableLabs members around the world look to UpRamp as a way to engage with startups, drive innovation and promote entrepreneurship. UpRamp runs several programs, including its flagship program, the Fiterator. The Fiterator is a three-month program for later stage startups to help them secure product-market fit and guarantees deals, not demo days. UpRamp also runs the Innovation Showcase series, which presents up-and-coming tech startups to the industry at several events throughout the year, including CES, CableLabs Summer Conference, and CableLabs Inform[ED].

Scott is an eight-time startup founder with a strong history of building companies from inception to profitability. As an active angel investor and advisor, he has helped hundreds of startups perfect their pitch with a framework he created called (C)lean Messaging. In 2016, Scott was credited with inventing the world's first bacon-wrapped tot.

Now, meet the man bringing radical entrepreneurship to cable.

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