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There are 10 blogs written by Jennifer Andreoli-Fang.


Wi-Fi vs. Duty Cycled LTE-U: In-Home Testing Reveals Coexistence Challenges

November 5, 2015

Rob Alderfer, VP Technology Policy, CableLabs and Nadia Yoza-Mitsuishi, Wireless Architect Intern, CableLabs also contributed to this article. In our last blog on Wi-Fi / LTE coexistence, we laid out the dangers attending the apparent decision of a few large carriers to go forward with the carrier scale deployment of a non-standard form of unlicensed […]

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Can LTE-U Forum Specification Provide Fair Coexistence?

September 22, 2015

At CableLabs, we have been deeply engaged in ensuring that Wi-Fi and other technologies continue to thrive as LTE mobile technology is newly brought in to unlicensed spectrum. We have participated in the international standards process at 3GPP, and we are glad to say that there has been some progress by that body to lay […]

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