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University Outreach

University Outreach Funding

CableLabs has an established university research program to strengthen relationships with universities and academic organizations to open up new paths for collaboration with the cable industry.

This program provides research grants to university faculties via a formal application process. This new wave of partnering with universities and academic groups is core to our co-development mission and a key element to realize our vision to deliver innovations that enable our cable operator members to be the provider of choice in their markets.

How to submit a proposal

From time to time, CableLabs will solicit proposals in specific research areas via a Request For Proposals (RFP). Request an RFP for the 2014-2015 academic year.. We also welcome unsolicited proposals.

A proposal may have the form of a whitepaper and should include the scope of proposed research, lead faculty member, team bios, objectives or high-level milestones, opportunities for commercial applications, etc.

CableLabs welcomes proposals that challenge our assumptions or descriptions of the problem spaces and highlight other topics of higher importance for cable operators.

CableLabs will review such proposals and may ask the Respondent to to discuss the proposal with CableLabs representatives.

If you are a university, we invite you to submit an inquiry via email at uresearch[at]

How does CableLabs evaluate a funding proposal?

CableLabs will review all responses to the RFP. The applications will be evaluated based on specific criteria including:

  • The fit within the scope of the research areas described in the RFP
  • The description of the problem statement and the methodology applied to proposing solutions
  • The scientific merit of the proposed research, and novelty of the solution space
  • The potential commercial applicability of the solution and its impact on future services and/or products delivered to residential customers
  • The total requested funding and the part of the CableLabs contribution in the overall research program
  • The experience and track records of the applicants and faculty member(s) in working with industry partners to apply research to commercial problems

How CableLabs deals with Intellectual Property Rights associated with the funding of university research

CableLabs requests that the applicant describes the various treatments of IPR the university accepts with research grants.  In general, it is understood that IPR may remain with the University, unless otherwise requested by CableLabs in the funding allocation.

CableLabs expects dissemination of results through research publications and anticipates that promising results would be made available to the cable industry and others.