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Innovation Showcase FAQs

What is expected if we are selected?

A video of your presenter, a storyboard, participation in preparatory conference calls pre-event, your logo in EPS format, and descriptions of your demo.

Two days before the day of the Showcase event, CableLabs will host a one hour messaging and presentation private coaching event with the Showcase Team, a presentation coach, and the selected participants. Private appointments for this activity will occur from 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM.

One day before the event starting at 8:00 AM, participants will be scheduled for equipment setup, introduction to the production crew and familiarization with the stage and the venue. After setup, two full dress rehearsals with the Master of Ceremonies and the production crew will take place over the remainder of the day. Critiquing of the demonstrations will occur during this time period as well as general tuning of the demonstrations. Participants should plan on being at the Showcase venue from 8:00 AM -5:00 PM. If a third practice is needed by a participant, this can occur after 5:00 PM.

We reserve the right to terminate your participation in the Innovation Showcase should your presentation at the rehearsals on Sunday fail to perform, at our discretion, at the level we deem suitable for the Innovation Showcase; in that event, a table will be provided for you in the general exhibition area.

What is the video for?

The video helps us to identify the uniqueness of the speakers presentation style.

What is the storyboard for?

We have found the storyboards to be of tremendous value, given that we have a number of video cameras and displays available. We will use the storyboard as a means of providing our production crew with some specific instructions regarding the flow of your demonstration.

What does this cost?

If you are selected, you would pay only those costs associated with travel, lodging, and A/V rental. Employees of participating companies will be able to attend all social events such as meals and receptions. If your company is accepted for participation in the Showcase, you will be provided with a link to the Logistics website. At this site you will be provided with the housing link and other details to help you plan for your participation (shipping, audio visual rental form, agenda, etc.).

Is a live demo required?

Yes, only live demos will be considered.

What about demo equipment?

You must leave all aspects of your demonstration in place and connected overnight on Sunday, March 1, in the secured ballroom where the session will occur. This includes laptop computers. While CableLabs will provide security guards and ensure doors are locked appropriately, CableLabs accepts no liability for damage to or loss of your property.

How do I ship equipment?

You will be provided with a link to the Showcase Logistics website. At this site you will be provided with shipping, audio visual rental form, etc.

How many companies present?

Typically eight companies are selected to participate.

What is the audience makeup and size?

The audience is comprised of both cable company members and our exhibiting vendors. The numbers typically between 400-500.

How are the companies selected?

The selection Committee considers all submissions and then narrows the list by choosing those they believe have (1) an innovative, NEW product or service, (2) the potential to create an exciting demonstration, (3) and, may be of interest to our members.

What do we need to provide/What does CableLabs provide?

You must provide monitors/TVs for your demo, and if using wireless, a Wireless Access Point. CableLabs provides power and connectivity, two large screens, video switch, a professional production crew, and a presentation coach.

What forms need to be filled out?

The Innovation Showcase Application and the Participation Agreement form.

How long is the presentation?

Each company is given approximately eight minutes on stage.

What about the voting at the end of the Showcase?

The audience votes on the best new product most likely to succeed. The voting provides the audience an opportunity to participate in the Innovation Showcase.

What is expected after the event?

When the Innovation Showcase ends at approximately Noon on Monday, you will move your demo from the stage to your table in the Innovation Showcase area of the Exhibitor Hall. This table should be staffed through Tuesday evening’s demo reception. Information on the table, as well as signage and
rules, can also be found on the logistics site.

How many companies are in the demo area?

80-100 companies.

When do we pack up?

The demo reception closes at 7:00 p.m. on Tuesday, with dismantle to be completed by 9:00
p.m. that same evening.

How many companies submit?

Many companies submit, but only eight are chosen.

How many additional staff can we bring?

Each company is permitted to register six employees.

Can CableLabs help with lodging reservations?

We encourage companies to book early through the CableLabs housing link provided on the Logistics website.

Will presenters attend the sessions?

Yes, vendors are welcome to attend the sessions (unless agenda indicates otherwise).