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Showcase Opportunities

The Innovation Showcase at CableLabs’ Summer and Winter Conferences presents live demonstrations of working technologies, enabling developers to deliver compact and persuasive presentations of products and services enabled by cable’s broadband networks. The watchword here is “demonstration”. We’re looking for new, real products, platforms and innovations — not just PowerPoint® slides on a screen. It’s about bringing your gear, your technology and your people to the stage to show cable industry technology leaders what you’ve developed — and to convince them why it matters. Take a look at the rules and guidelines that follow and complete the application. If you have any questions, please contact Please also look at the FAQs for more information. We hope to see you on the stage at the next Innovation Showcase.

“It’s a powerful moment for a business when a room full of Cable executives unanimously validate product/market fit with a live vote. Winning ‘Best New Idea’ in the innovation showcase, added fuel to our already burning fire – it was a wonderful experience.” — Jason Flick, CEO and Co-Founder, You.i

“Altia Systems was honored to be invited to and have won the “Best New Idea” award at the CableLabs Innovation Showcase, Winter, 2013. This show and corresponding publicity generated tremendous interest in PanaCast, our unique real-time 200 degree field-of-view Panoramic-HD video collaboration system.” – Aurangzeb KhanCo-founder, President and CEO, Altiasystems

“The event was our “coming out party”, as it was the first time that we publicly displayed our telyHD video communication & collaboration system.  The audience was a great fit and we had a fantastic response to our participation at the Innovation Showcase.  I would wholeheartedly recommend that any company looking to target the MSO community should think about attending this event to market their products/services to this very powerful community.”  –  Sreekanth Ravi, Founder & CEO, Tely Labs

Showcase Alumni


Best New Product

New smart LED projector Screeneo’s incredible flexibility can bring big-screen entertainment to any room in the house, with wireless access to any content coming from the home network.  


aioTV can be described as an OTT middleware platform that provides an easy, comprehensive way to aggregate multi-channel, streaming internet and VOD content into a unified, branded experience on TV and across connected devices.


Arrayent’s Virtualization Technology and the cloud enable a Smart Home experience comprised of the branded and differentiated products most desired by the consumer.



CiiNOW is a cloud gaming solution that provides all the needed pieces to provide a complete end-to-end gaming solution.


ElasticBox is pioneering a simplified, modular, service-based application development structure, where fully configured components of an application architecture are encapsulated as “Boxes” and made available as service. $9M Series A from Nexus Venture Partners and Intel Capital - April 2014


DeepField demonstrated DeepField’s Cloud Intelligence product which provides unprecedented Business Intelligence into MSO networks.


Plexxi demonstrated a high-capacity data center fabric capable of dynamic tuning to deliver against specific application SLAs.


Metrological showcased the Metrological Application Framework. The Metrological Application Framework provides a comprehensive solution for application service deployment.


TVBeat presented their live dashboard and demonstrated how TV analytics may provide significant benefits to the Cable industry.

YOUi Labs

Best New Product

YOUi Labs FLIPtv is an immersive SmartTV experience that tackles today’s TV and media content management challenges. FLIPtv utilizes a UI that enables full body gesturing for a range of TV operations, changing the relationship between tablet and TV.


Adant Technologies, Inc. develops and markets smart antenna systems that provide significantly superior performance in Wi-Fi devices due to its patented adaptive beamshaping antenna technology.

Benu Networks

Benu Networks provides industry leading platform and cloud solutions to enable MSOs to deploy Next Generation Broadband Services targeted toward massive proliferation of Wi-Fi enabled devices. Benu’s MEG™ platform combined with its cloud based DME™ application provides an ultra scale WLAN Access Gateway (WAG) function for Cable Wi-Fi networks.   $26.6M Investment from Spark, Comcast, Sutter Hill 9/10/13


ESRI delivers the ArcGIS Platform that helps you seize the power of location to transform your company’s raw data into actionable intelligence.  The ability to collect data from multiple sources and geo-enable it allows you to transform the data into visual layers.

iStream Planet

iStream Planet Aventus offers a scalable, reliable, and flexible solution to content owners, aggregators, and distributors. Built from the ground up for the cloud, Aventus utilizes virtual machines for every step in the live video workflow, including scheduling, quality control, media processing, content protection, and publishing to any number of designated publishing locations, with telemetry that provides real-time insights across the workflow.


KAAZING provides the leading enterprise web and mobile communication platform for live data delivery and is author of the universally adopted HTML5 WebSocket standard. The company’s high-performance web communication platform is essential for web and mobile solutions that require secure, reliable, massively scalable, and instant full-duplex data delivery.


Muzzley is a software company with all the engineering power concentrated in creating technologies for developers/manufacturers and service providers. As a technology, Muzzley is a middleware in the cloud that pairs people with machines/software, and was engineered from the beginning with people in mind.


Seyyer is a video advertising company with an Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) platform that develops dynamic, human avatar models that are capable of instantly and flawlessly converting written text into engaging videos.

Altia Systems

Best New Product

The Altia Systems camera enables the PanaCast Experience which is a fully immersive panoramic cloud based audio/video collaboration service, giving remote participants the visual perspective and control of being there. PanaCast is a new camera technology that combines patented hardware, state-of-the-art algorithms and software in one device to enable you to experience a panoramic-HD video stream with a 200° field of view. The advanced design and functionality of the PanaCast Camera from the optics, video capture and transport codes to client devices, is the first in the market to provide a full panoramic view.


ARM and FXI demonstrated the FXI Cotton Candy USB to HDMI stick running the DLNA CVP2 HTML5 RUI jointly developed by ARM, FXI and CableLabs. The demo showcased how a CE device utilizing the very same chipset used in the ultra-popular mobile phones such as Samsung Galaxy S II and Samsung Galaxy Note and shipped over 30M units can be used for Pay-TV applications. The FXI Cotton Candy is running on Linux/Ubuntu OS with a Webkit-based QT browser running the HTML5 RUI reference implementation. The demo featured User Interfaces and video content from several different operators from around the world. These operators are: Cox, BesTV, Orange, Sky, all running on the exact same reference implementation without any operator specific modifications to the platform.


Cyan is a global supplier of software-defined network (SDN) solutions for service providers, cable operators, and private networks. Cyan’s demonstration highlighted how cable operators can leverage SDN and packet-optical transport to deliver more compelling and innovative business services as well as to design, build and operate more efficient multi-layer networks.


Fastback Networks is a venture-funded company based in San Jose, California. Our core mission is to deliver solutions for small cell backhaul. Our products fuse high-performance data networking with advanced radio technology to achieve technical and economic breakthroughs, eliminating connectivity limitations for all types of cable operator services. The Fastback product portfolio is built on an ANY Line of Sight (ALOS) high-capacity, high performance radio link. With unprecedented throughput - 500Mbps with less than 500 microseconds latency - and the ability to sustain a wireless connection across a wide variety of installations, the IBR delivers fiber equivalent service assurance to any customer site.

$15M Investments from Foundation Cap, Granite Ventures and Juniper Network May 2013.


Machine Perception Technologies, Inc. is the leader in the field of machine perception for automated facial behavior analysis. The company demonstrated the next generation of facial expression recognition technology of FACET ™, which is scheduled for launch spring 2014. FACET ™ is a software development kit for fully automatic, real-time facial expression analysis of images and video. FACET ™ provides capability to track the emotional responses of viewers as content is displayed from cable television and other digital media. This system eases the reliance on rating surveys for assessment of audience response to content. FACET ™ lays the foundation for a new relationship between MSOs and content providers, where the MSOs provide important data back to the content providers.


MPS Broadband Americas is a digital media technology company offering solutions designed to optimize the management and delivery of streaming video. MPS showcased two of its core services related to live and linear video broadcasting and distribution. The first service, Peer2View, is a distribution technology for video streaming of live events and linear TV over the Internet and within private networks. A software based solution, Peer2View facilitates the delivery of live and linear adaptive bit rate video using secure and dynamically created peer networks . Working in conjunction with a CDN or origin server, Peer2View keeps traffic as local as possible and reduces the core network load by up to twenty times over the Internet and up to one hundred times in private networks.


Qwilt presented a radical new content delivery solution which establishes a unified content delivery architecture that creates a direct integration between carrier-grade transparent caching and video delivery products and commercial CDN services. The solution integrates Qwilt’s intelligent, unified online video delivery nodes which reside deep in the cable data network. Cable operators are now able to optimize their networks and dramatically improve subscriber QoE by delivering video from the subscriber edge, while monetizing this function by using a CDN as the billing mechanism and commercial front-end for the online content providers.


RainStor provides a Big Data database that efficiently stores and manages volumes of structured and semi-structured data that is fully accessible for ongoing query and analysis to meet the business requirements of fast query and analysis. RainStor stores the data in the most efficient and cost-effective way compared to traditional relational or data warehouse approaches with patented data compression, yielding 90% storage and hardware savings.


Web and mobile are rapidly adopting semantic technologies that deliver highly intuitive, natural and intelligent experiences for search, discovery and navigation. Veveo has built similar semantic technologies backed by more than 38 patents and almost 70 filed applications that have been fine tuned and tailored to the television experience. Already having deployed its core search and recommendation solutions on more than 55 million televisions by leading PayTV providers in the US and Canada, Veveo is now expanding its capabilities for cable operators that surpass even what is available on web and mobile. Acquired by Rovi, February 2014

IMJ Corporation

Best New Product

IMJ Corporation provides a very unique and cost effective set-top box on a USB stick-like size, fully enabled to deliver IP video over wireless and HDMI to TV subscribers. This breakthrough solution is a Linux-based HDMI Television “stick” the size of a USB flash drive that delivers IP video and supports a variety of applications. Power is provided by the USB port on a television. Various smartphones can be used as a remote control, providing the subscriber with a familiar GUI environment. Connection to OTT services is enabled by a built-in Wi-Fi connection. Video is delivered to the television by HDMI.


Alcatel-Lucent demonstrated its lightRadio™ MetroCell solution. Using Wi-Fi access, a variety of backhaul options, and common cellular technologies employed by prospective mobile network operator partners, this solution allows cable operators to extend broadband coverage beyond the home while supporting a variety of mobile service offerings.

Arris Group

ARRIS demonstrated a new cloud-based ad delivery system that leverages current Traffic and Billing Systems. The ARRIS Ad Decision Service uses SCTE130 to communicate with the ARRIS ad decision manager and media services platform.


Guavus is a leader in the big data analytic application space. The company’s Reflex™ platform and applications for cable analytics mine operational data from core cable network services (voice, video, data) and various internal and third-party business and operational systems to deliver a holistic view of the Network, Application, Device, and Subscriber dimensions. Guavus’s applications correlate massive volumes of usage and catalog data to deliver up-to-the-minute insights using streaming analytics. Streams are fused and then mined leveraging network traffic structural analysis, statistical analysis, behavioral patterns and clustering, trending, outliers, anomalies, and forecasting techniques.


i4Vu provides a client-server platform and technologies which enable operators to provide a unique video discovery and consumption experience on any IP-connected device. The i4Vu Client Application allows users to select a live video playlist from a palette of all available live, linear, on-demand, and online programs. i4Vu MultiView™ technology delivers the user’s individualized selections in a live mosaic presentation, customized for the specific device form factor and resolution. All secondary video selections are live, and may either be scrolled for browsing, or dragged and dropped in the primary viewing area to activate the i4Vu FastChannel™ instant program selection. A full-featured “trick mode” is available for the primary program, and programs retain their temporal position as they are moved between primary and secondary viewing modes.


Kwarter provides broadcasters with turnkey second screen solutions that engage viewers, enhance messaging, and retain audiences. Kwarter demonstrated how their platform blends social, game, and reward layers to create a truly unique second screen experience for sports fans. Kwarter’s second screen platform is a comprehensive solution for cable operators, broadcasters, and anyone interested in extending content to the second screen. Their team not only builds the application, they provide full-service administration of your system that’s flexible in both scale and schedule. $4M investment, Deutsche Telekom (T-Venture), Kinetic, Jan. 2013.

Lyrical Labs

Lyrical Labs Encoding technology compresses video files by an average gain of 50%, over market leaders producing standards compliant H.264 bitstreams of equal or superior quality to the original files. This breakthrough reduction in bandwidth is achieved via next-generation IP and is available as a cloud-based encoding service or an on-premises appliance. Lyrical Labs supports the full range of profiles for H.264: Baseline, Main, and High. Lyrical Labs Encoding Service is fully scalable and is capable of encoding hundreds of video clips per minute on demand. The IP is applicable to other modern video codecs and Lyrical Labs encoding service will be extending its offerings to include superior versions of VP8 and H.265 encoding.


Multiple Services are delivered by our next generation DOCSIS® 3.0, 24x8 based complete connected home solution. The objective of the demonstration was to deliver multiple services within the home. The solution demonstrated high speed Wi-Fi data and secure video distribution within the home using DTCP/IP and DLNA. In this solution we also demonstrated our latest Android-based STB and HTML5-based thin client.


SeaChange’s In-Home software team demonstrated the new headless hybrid-gateway configuration for simultaneous IP and QAM video delivery throughout the home. SeaChange and its VividLogic subsidiary are developing the Nucleus software stack for the RDK community which runs on production X1 configuration headed hybrid-gateways along with headless hybrid gateways. The demonstration showed multi-stream transcoding for whole-home DVR, and linear video distribution via DLNA to multiple screens throughout the home including Smart TVs and Game Consoles (In-Home Clients expected to be Samsung TVs, PS3, and IP STB).


SnappyTV, the leader in live, cloud-based video management solutions for a social world, delivers a robust suite of editing, publishing and distribution tools that allow organizations of all sizes to easily and effectively manage real-time video content to drive social engagement. With a range of multi-level product offerings, SnappyTV revolutionizes the way that companies and users can use and share rich online video content by making it faster, simpler and available anywhere from any Internet device. SnappyTV’s solutions empower companies to create new opportunities for audience and customer engagement, increase tune-in and reduce costs by streamlining internal workflow processes.

Receives seed funding February. 2013.

Coincident TV

Best New Product

Screen Sync TV is a full-featured two-screen companion platform that was judged “Best in Show” in the second screen category at CES 2012 by ABI Research. Screen Sync TV, a product of San Francisco-based Coincident, Inc., allows for close synchronization of tablet content to broadcast or on-demand linear television content. In addition, Screen Sync TV allows for social check-ins, commenting and gamification features, as well as interactive companion ads.


ConteXtream is delivering the industry’s first cloud-based network virtualization framework for carriers. ConteXtream’s Software-Defined Networking (SDN) products help cable operators create a single logical system distributed across many servers and physical locations. Thus, cable companies can now take advantage of cloud economics as they evolve network and service infrastructure from monolithic custom-made physical appliances to distributed software on commodity hardware. We demonstrated how Wi-Fi Service Gateway (or any access gateway) that is typically deployed as a physical appliance can be virtualized, distributed, and scaled, using our unique cloud technology.


The company’s newest solution, Seamless Discovery, has revolutionized the ease and speed with which viewers can find personally relevant, engaging content across all of their connected devices and sources of entertainment. By leveraging Seamless Discovery to provide personalized, integrated viewing experiences to their customers, MSOs can reclaim, repurpose, and better monetize viewer engagement.

Elemental Technologies

With multiscreen video delivery on the rise, service providers are challenged to deploy cost-effective and scalable solutions for video delivery to a wide range of devices. High-performance systems from Elemental offer unmatched flexibility, density, and quality—key components of a reliable streaming solution for current and future applications.


Joyent believes that applications are the new content. And, that the really interesting apps are real-time. As more and more consumers and workers interact with mobile devices at play and work, the demand for fast, scalable, resilient infrastructure to power applications becomes more critical than ever. Joyent demonstrated three real-time applications that illustrate the power of the Joyent Cloud, a development language and framework called Node.js. Node.js helps operators and businesses overcome scalability challenges via its asynchronous, non-blocking, event-driven I/O model for scripting highly concurrent programs.

M-Go (Technicolor)

M-GO, a subsidiary of Technicolor and a partnership with DreamWorks Animation, offers Operator, OTT and media aggregation services. M-GO demonstrated its next generation application. Some of M-GO’s key features include a deep and broad VOD catalog, multi-device content access, second-screen viewing and synchronization, business-rules-driven advanced search-and-discovery, dynamic personalization options including recommendations, and advanced analytics. M-GO is a customizable platform that provides Operators with compelling options to increase subscriber satisfaction, improve ARPU, and better manage costs.

Myriad Group

Myriad Alien Vue is a new platform delivering Android apps and services to cable TV. It enables a full range of Android applications to be run on cable set-top boxes, including social networks and games, by leveraging the power of the Android developer community. Applications designed for GoogleTV and those written in HTML5 run without modification on the platform. Alien Vue also provides a full multi-screen ecosystem. It includes provisioning and management of applications through a white label, operator branded application store and offers seamless integration with other screens through Myriad's Connect and Share DLNA solution


Thuuz alerts sports enthusiasts to the most exciting sporting events as they’re happening, so you never miss the action. We’ll even tell you where to tune in to these games. Just click on a game to go straight to the right TV channel or online source. Don’t have time to watch the game? No problem. Subscribers with integrated DVRs can click to record a live or upcoming sporting event straight from their Thuuz app.

Liberty Global and Itochu invest $4.2M September 2012.

uWand (Phillips)

Internet apps and games on the cable provider’s Smart set top box requires a new, hybrid controller. Similar to the Smart Phone’s touch screen, uWand brings a touch screen experience to Smart TVs. As a hybrid controller it maintains the core, recreational, passive TV experience while enabling new Smart TV use cases such as gaming, browsing online video and other content. Service operators, application developers and content owners can design user experiences with the power of gesture control, 3D navigation and direct cursor control. The uWand technology is more effective for navigating complex user interfaces and TV games which results in increased revenue. Our extensive consumer studies show a 27% ARPU increase compared to traditional remote controls.

Metaswitch Networks

Best New Product

Metaswitch Networks demonstrated the latest additions to its portfolio at the CableLabs Summer Conference with Thrutu and the CommPortal Communicator; both designed to enhance the voice call experience across business, residential and mobile customers. Thrutu, is a unique in-call content sharing application. Utilizing cloud-based servers and available to iPhone and Android phones, Thrutu promotes longer call times and a richer experience by creating an environment for single-click, impulsive sharing, seamlessly integrated with the call-in-progress screen. The demonstration showcased a call between two smartphones and the various content-sharing capabilities of Thrutu, along with revenue-generating opportunities for cable operators as they integrate mobile commerce features with businesses into the application.


Headend Supervisory System of IP Clients for Robust and Efficient Delivery of Streamed Content. ARRIS demonstrated the benefits of improved user Quality of Experience (QoE), through optimized usage of HFC Bandwidth by means of adding a centralized controller for monitoring and supervising IP Video streams in the on-net IP Video network.


Clearleap’s cloud-based content management and distribution platform provides operators, IPTV providers, and programmers with an efficient, cost-effective delivery of video to multiple platforms. With Clearleap’s Stream On Demand solution, operators can stream video over existing broadband networks to connected devices, tablets, set-tops, and TVs. Bandwidth is intelligently managed to allow access to large libraries of content while delivering video with improved quality. Our solution includes all the necessary billing integration and authentication, enabling a complete, end-to-end solution without dependencies on legacy video infrastructure.

Ctera Networks

CTERA’s Cloud Attached Storage solution makes use of customer-premises devices to provide storage and backup services, which are seamlessly integrated with cloud storage services to provide an additional layer of data protection, disaster recovery, remote access and file sharing capabilities. This hybrid local and cloud solution is highly cost-effective, making it suitable for small businesses, SOHO users and consumers. CTERA demonstrated both the customer experience and operator/service provider view. It also showed an embedded CPE solution, the first of its kind that runs as a CTERA virtual machine on a cable modem/gateway.


Dyyno OTT Solution enables MSOs to monetize content distributed over-the-top (OTT) with its game changing cloud-based online video platform. In a nutshell, Dyyno’s OTT platform enables MSOs to increase ARPU and create new revenue streams by bringing brand new content from across the world to subscribers, delivering MSO’s content to hundreds of millions of OTT consumers globally, and enhancing the user experience & engagement with social content creation and discovery, using its patented encoding technology while keeping the distribution costs low with its patented video distribution.

Fourthwall Media

FourthWall has enhanced the targeting capabilities of the Ad Widgets® interactive TV advertising solution with a feature called addressable versioning, which we are pleased to demonstrate as part of the Innovation Showcase. In this demonstration, a single bound EBIF application delivers four different RFI offers from the same spot based on targeting criteria selected in the Ad Widgets® Manager. The unique aspect of addressable versioning is that it requires no prior targeting information delivery to the set-top box. Rather, the targeting data is embedded in the application and triggered by set-top box identifiers (MAC address, zone, zip code).

Ignite Technologies

Ignite Solutions demonstrated its technology solutions that allow interactive TV applications (EBIF applications) for legacy devices to be delivered with the same look and feel and functionality to next generation devices based on web technologies. Ignite’s SPARX RT solution allows operators to deploy IPTV and web-based architectures targeted at multiple devices such as web, tablet and mobile devices with the full interactivity support that the broadcast programs contain. In addition to extending the reach of existing interactive content to multiple devices, this solution leverages existing signaling but can deliver alternate content for multi-device synchronized viewing.


Manilla is an online service that allows you to manage all of your household and financial accounts, travel rewards programs, and subscriptions in one secure place — for free. Manilla provides a secure, free online service to consolidate a household’s most important business relationships: from banking and credit cards, to utilities and travel rewards programs, to insurance and subscriptions.

Tely Labs

Tely Labs’ telyHD STB turns a standard HD television into a two-way communications and entertainment center. From HD Skype video calling to web browsing, to Android apps for social networking to games, to delivering a world of OTT services, telyHD can be customized to suit your user’s preferences. telyHD, which runs on Android, can take full advantage of the apps written by the large community of Android app developers. Under the hood is a powerful dual-core ARM CPU with on-board video codec for 720p live video encode+decode and a GPU for console quality graphics. telyHD also has an on-board HD camera and microphone array for high fidelity video and audio. telyHD also includes hardware Adobe Flash acceleration, enabling a rich, immersive user experience with the capability of full 1080p HD video decoding. Update: Comcast Ventures and Rogers Venture Partners invest $15M Septmeber 2012.


From the student’s tablet to the trading floor, ViVu is a pioneer in the delivery of HD-quality video content to some of today's most popular devices through its patented MXTP™ technologies. Thanks to the scalability, security and extensibility of its solutions, ViVu has established itself as a technology leader in enterprise-class videoconferencing. ViVu is shaping the future of video collaboration with bold, new applications that enable nearly all video screens with Internet access. Enabling users to collaborate, notwithstanding location allows them to make timely contributions and better decisions. Vivu showed how disparate platforms can promote collaboration in an efficient, economical, and effective way. By utilizing pervasive and powerful networking services, users can virtually be part of the process from any location. Update: Acquired by Polycom October 2011.

TVPlus (Spot411)

Best New Product

TVplus has developed groundbreaking technology that allows content creators, TV networks and cable companies to provide rich social and Interactive TV solutions to consumers who frequently use a second-screen device while watching television. The TVplus technology solution uses audio-recognition technology to allow any Internet-enabled device with a microphone to automatically identify a television program or movie that is currently on TV. The product allows identification to within one second of the exact location of a program allowing for deeply contextual and relevant social and interactive content.


Alcatel-Lucent demonstrated the company’s Velocix Digital Media Delivery platform. Deployed as a “Service Provider CDN,” the Velocix platform provides a solution for cable MSOs to manage video content, and stream this content to a wide range of consumer IP devices such as smart phones, tablets, personal computers, and Internet enabled televisions or set-top boxes. The demonstration will also show how the same Service Provider CDN infrastructure can be used to deliver this content to a traditional tru2way™ set-top box.

BigBand Networks

BigBand demonstrated a unique hybrid approach to adaptive streaming to help cable operators broaden and monetize their broadcast TV and on-demand services to IP-connected devices, such as iPads, PCs, and gaming consoles, that are located in the subscriber’s home. The solution efficiently manages and leverages the existing video delivery network, improves bandwidth utilization, and equalizes video quality across all services by leveraging a technique called "quality-based bandwidth allocation."


Cisco demonstrated its newly upgraded DOCSIS® 3.0 CMTS platform, driving 48 bonded channels downstream, combined with upstream bonding and higher data throughput, and utilizing 16x4 channel cable modems. The whole experience was presented to clearly illustrate, with working technology, the ability of cable operators’ broadly deployed DOCSIS specifications – as portrayed by Cisco’s current platform – to scale to address both consumer and competitive demands for the foreseeable future. The demonstration captured approximately 2 Gbps in the forward direction and 325 Mbps in the reverse.


Consumers face a seemingly endless array of choices for movies and TV shows on their connected TVs and set-top boxes (STBs). And, searching for content can be overwhelming for the average viewer. Gracenote simplifies and personalizes this experience, transforming TVs and STBs into gateways to intelligently explore digital media, as well as to drive revenue opportunities for content distributors. Gracenote Video Explore taps into a global database of movie and TV metadata featuring movie cover art, cast and credits, filmographies and other information. Video Explore filters and sorts this data to improve how viewers search for content, letting them easily discover and connect with interesting information about their favorite actors and TV shows, as well as related programs.


As the complexity of the digital home continues to increase, operators need a solution to ensure the subscriber's quality of service while avoiding expensive support calls. EDGE Home Center is a cloud-based self-service console that empowers consumers to manage their own home network and devices, such as PCs, STBs, IP camera and more. Unlike traditional PC-based self-help tools, Motorola’s Home Center’s cloud-based self-service console provides a consistent user experience across multiple screens that are accessible from remote locations or at home.

RGB Networks

RGB Networks demonstrated two new technologies which are critical to an operator’s business moving forward. The first of these is a distributed adaptive streaming packager, based on RGB’s new TransAct Packager software and Application Media Server (AMS) platform. It is designed with the cable operator network architecture in mind. This unique offering works in conjunction with RGB’s Video Multiprocessing Gateway (VMG). It allows operators to transcode once, then package in multiple different adaptive protocols for various receiving devices. This distributed approach reduces cost and saves core network bandwidth.


The RightScale Cloud Management Platform is delivered as "software as a service" (SaaS) and is available in a range of editions. To date, thousands of deployments and over two million servers have been launched on the RightScale platform for leading organizations such as PBS, Harvard University, Zynga and Sling Media.


Sandvine’s solutions support service provider network management practices by enhancing the subscribers’ Internet experience, by measuring network conditions, triggering evaluation of business rules and enforcing the associated policy actions. Sandvine’s usage management product exemplifies the diverse service creation opportunities offered by network policy control. The ability to offer service tiers across access networks is key to cable operators as they extend their existing hybrid fiber coaxial (HFC) networks with wireless access networks, whether 3G or Wi-Fi.


MediaNavi is a cloud-based content platform that enables consumers to easily locate, view and share any kind of media from any source within their digital home network. It is a consumer-focused solution that makes navigating the universe of content simple, seamless, social, and stimulating. MediaNavi enhances the user content navigation experience in several ways. It offers a personalized experience with smart recommendations based on each customer’s viewing preferences. Additionally, it enhances search functions across multiple content sources. And it also provides a content-oriented social media environment where users can connect with their favorite online communities, get content recommendations and share suggestions.


VideoSurf is a leading video search company that connects users to the videos they want to watch, wherever they want to watch them. VideoSurf’s technology is able to “see” inside videos and conduct a deep visual analysis of the content in order to gather information unavailable to other video sites and search engines, which are blind to visual content. The information extracted as a result of this unique vision technology powers a new approach to video search. VideoSurf attracts more than 22M unique monthly visitors to its video search engine and is powering search on sites such as WB,, MySpace and others.

Acquired by Microsoft November 2011.


Active Video
Belair Networks - Best New Product -
    Acquired by Ericsson April 2012   BigBand Networks
Digital Keystone
Inlet Technologies
Widevine Technologies -
    Acquired by Google December 2010  


ClearLeap/Fourth Wall
iLoop Mobile -
    Merger with Lenco Mobile November 2011
IP Gallery
Jinni - Best New Product
Trailer Park/Jargon


Aerohive Networks
Arris Group
Ceton Corporation
Elemental Technologies
Primesense - Best New Product TandbergTV -
    Acquired by Ericsson in 2007


Arris Group
BigBand Networks -
    Acquired by Arris September 2011
Celeno -
    $24M Series E Round September 2012
Intertrust Technologies
Ortiva Wireless -
    Acquired by Allot May 2012
RipCode -
    Acquired by RGB June 2010
Ruckus Wireless
Verisimo Network - Best New Product


Aster Data -
    Acquired by Teradata March 2011
Broadsoft -
    IPO June 2010
LG Electronics
Silicon Image - Best New Product
This Technology
VeriSign -
    Acquired by Semantec March 2010


Anagran -
    Acquired by Saisel Networks December 2010.
BigBand Networks
Ditech Networks -
    Acquired by Nuance September 2012
Grid Networks
iControl Networks
Move Networks
Ruckus Wireless - Best New Product
the Platform


4Home -
    Acquired by Motorola December 2010
Arris Group
Harmonic - Best New Product
Nortel Networks Inc. (USA)
Pure Networks -
    Acquired by CiSumo July 2008
Sumopus Technologies
Sereniti , Inc.
Tzero Technologies


Casabi -
    Acquired by Broadsoft October 2010.
DARTDevices -
    Acquired by Allot September 2012
Simple Star - Best New Product -
    Acquired by Sonic Solutions April 2008

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July 24, 2014

Connected TV Devices to Double by 2017

A new study from the NPD Group predicts that connected TV devices in U.S. homes will double by 2017, reaching to over 204 million. These “connected devices” encompass everything from Roku players and Chromecasts to Smart TVs and video game consoles. More on the study from FierceCable.

July 17, 2014

Report: IPTV Subs Will Double by 2020

A new report forecasts that IPTV subscribers will reach 191 million worldwide by the end of 2020, which would be more than double the 90 million recorded at the end of 2013. CableLabs continues to research technology that will aid MSOs in the transition to all IP. More on the report from FierceCable.